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With 14 years of innovation and research, Alligator Automations is the leading name in end-of-line packaging automation with solutions across industries bringing efficiency and consistency to product quality.

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Is Your Team Struggling With…

  • Reduced output due to inefficiencies in production

  • Labor shortages because of employee turnover or fatigue

  • Loss of productivity causing output to suffer

  • Inconsistency leading to low reliability among teams

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Alligator Automations has been helping our clients create reliable, consistent, and long-lasting solutions for more than 15 years. With hundreds of clients using our machines daily, we understand the frustrations you feel using other options and have designed a solution that gives you the consistency and accuracy you need to succeed.

Alligator Automation Can Help You…

  • Have a consistent and accurate machine that increases the output and quality of the product
  • Reduce manual labor and lack of effort
  • Increase efficiency and innovation allowing you to create better products and boost your reputation

Functional, Accurate, & Customizable

End-of-Line Packaging Automation Solutions

Bagging Filling

We specialize in providing solutions for automatic bagging machines. Our machines fully automate the process of placing bags for stitching and sealing. Utilizing advanced bag placer and auto-stitching units, these machines enhance efficiency and create a seamless workflow. Additionally, our automatic bagging machines offer the unique capability of simultaneous product weighing. You can choose to weigh products either by gross, net, or pre-weighed methods, providing versatility to meet your specific needs.

Secondary Packaging

Our secondary packaging solutions involve the repackaging of products that have already been packed. This process ensures proper packaging to prevent spoilage or damage, maintaining the integrity of the goods. Well-packaged products also contribute to maintaining quality standards and facilitate accurate inventory management by tracking the number of pouches and boxes effectively.

Case Packaging

We offer comprehensive turn-key solutions for your case packaging requirements. Our machines integrate case erecting and pick-and-place mechanisms, providing a fully automated solution. Designed with versatility in mind, our systems are meticulously crafted to adapt to your unique requirements. Whether you’re packaging delicate electronics, sturdy consumer goods, or anything in between, our solutions can be tailored to accommodate various product sizes, shapes, and packaging specifications.

Palletizing Systems

Alligator offers two advanced palletizing options: robotic and traditional (bag, case, gantry crane). Our engineers excel in automating both systems, with expertise in Fuji, ABB, and Fanuc robotics. With our turnkey solutions, you get a single source of responsibility, ensuring seamless project implementation without the hassle of coordination between multiple parties or potential issues.

Conveyor System

Our premium handling and pallet conveyors are designed to optimize workflow, ultimately boosting productivity. Understanding the individuality of each workplace and product, we offer customized solutions and layouts tailored to meet specific requirements. Whether you’re dealing with heavy loads, delicate materials, or complex logistical challenges, our high-end conveyors provide the flexibility and reliability needed to optimize operations.

Pallet Packaging Systems

Benefit from our pallet packaging, crafted with years of expertise to offer customized solutions and reliable post-sale support. Explore our Strapping Machines for efficient packaging tools, including semi-automatic options tailored to your needs. Our Stretch-Hooding Machine ensures stability and cost-effectiveness with stretch film, providing excellent protection.

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