About Alligator Automations

Founded in 2008 by Mr. Kantale and Mr. Choudhary, Alligator Automations began its journey as a passion project during their college days in 2003, evolving into an end-of-line packaging automation company headquartered in Chakan, Pune.

Their journey has been marked by numerous awards and steady growth, culminating in a team of 250 employees and an annual revenue of $8 million by 2022. Specializing in factory automation, Alligator’s innovative solutions have earned clients like Reliance, Tata, and ITC, with a global reach spanning the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Canada, and South America.

With a focus on in-house expertise across engineering disciplines, Alligator is renowned for delivering exceptional quality automation solutions at competitive prices, catering to diverse industries worldwide.

Our Mission

Alligator’s mission is to achieve sustainable growth by prioritizing superior customer satisfaction and innovation, investing in its design capabilities to lead the development of new product lines, and diversifying its offerings to expand technical expertise across various sectors.  They focus on fostering opportunities for personal growth, improved collaboration, and community enrichment for employees, business partners, and local communities. Through these efforts, Alligator aims to make a positive impact on society while maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

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